(October 23 - November 20, 1999)

We are finishing up early here in England.  Diane and I will fly home on Tuesday afternoon.  It has been a long almost eight weeks.  It has been a very long year with almost 22 weeks out of the USA.  For the most part, the travel was good, although we have basically missed summer this year.  It seems that everywhere we went, we had spring or fall weather, even in summer:

We hardly had opportunity to wear shorts this year.  That made the travel less than totally enjoyable.  I am most definitely a fair weather person and do not like anything too cool, and definitely hate the cold.  I have been listening to Atlanta radio on the web and the weather there this fall has been absolutely marvelous.  Top down weather to be sure.  It seems like every day for the past couple of weeks it has been in the 70s.  No doubt a cold front will move through on Tuesday as we arrive home.  :-(  I hope not.

I'm tired.  Not so much from the travel, but from the job.  This has been a tough year.  I'm glad it's basically over for me.  On the horizon looms retirement and I can't wait.  And I think Diane is tired, too.  She goes out just about every day, except for when it's wet.  Cold doesn't stop her from taking two buses to Southampton and then riding different buses around the city as she did the other day.  She left the hotel at 9:30 AM and got home at 6 PM.  That is not an uncommon day for her as she makes sure to take advantage of the
opportunity to travel.  It's in her blood.  All of our trips this year were short ones, mostly three weeks.  This is the first 8-weeker we have done in a long time and I think we got a bit out of practice for such a long trip.  We both can't wait to get into our waterbed sink into it.  We both will miss that bed when we move into a motorhome, but the travel will make up for that.

UK travelogue will follow when I make some time to complete it.

Until next time.

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