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Kennedy Space Center - Port Canaveral, Florida

Shuttle crawler

Launch pad

Vehicle Assembly Building

Shuttle "Explorer"

Shuttle model

Saturn rocket

For my IBM friends
(launch control room)

Ocala, Florida

It's always exciting to see your
30,000 pound motorhome up in the air

Gustav Bruenn
(Fulltimer from Germany)

Getting to know each other

Gustav and his
salesperson Christine

Gustav's first party in his
new motorhome

Friends we met or visited along the way

Diane's brother Jerry and
wife, Janet, and Angel

Linda & Chuck Dombrow
(Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)

Linda & Dave Spain
(Cocoa Beach, Florida)

Bonnie & Jim Spain
(Jacksonville, Florida)

Bill & Martha Verity
(Titusville, Florida)

Frank Pesile
(Palm City, Florida)

Charlie and Rich with
mom, Helen
(Port St Lucie, Florida)

Mary & Jim Harpold
(South Haven, Michigan)

Dennis & Cindy Henderson
(Fulltime RVers)

Diane & Paul Andrus
(Sebring, Florida)

Bob & Donna Eberly
(Fulltime RVers)

Dick & Kay Ackerman
(Fulltime RVers)

Keith & Marie McQuinn-Roberts
(Mansfield, England)

Ron Tarlton
(Marietta, Georgia)

Carolyn Green
(Marietta, Georgia)

The guy who took his own photo
before taking ours

Dirk Harrington
(Fulltime RVer)

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