Sisters PHOTOS

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Tampa RV Show and Parkesdale Farms

Lucky and Happy

Note Gustav's Montana
license plate

We went here twice
this year

The best strawberry
shortcake - YUMMY!

The group

Dirk Harrington

Gloria & Don Martin

Norm & Linda Payne

That's us.....

Gustav and the ladies

Phoenix, Arizona

The "Js" (Justine, Jenny,
Jeff) getting ready to party


Carol sees Diane.....

and then breaks down.....

and then blames me

It was a great surprise

Carol & Kevin Otto


Cherry Pockets Fish Camp

An good restaurant in the
middle of nowhere



Friends we met or visited along the way

Linda & Chuck Dombrow
(Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)

Alan & Hedda Gnaizda
(Rockville, Maryland)

Guy Chalifoux & Carmen Ducharme
(Fulltime RVers from Quebec, Canada)

Rich and Aunt Mary
(Tampa, Florida)

Betty & Stan Bober
(Mishawaka, Indiana)

Susie & John Churn
(Jacksonville, Florida)

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