Hallowed Ground Revisited PHOTOS 

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Scenes from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Out tour guide
Mike Kanazawich

Lee's Headquarters



Peace Flame



View from Cemetary Ridge

View from Seminary Ridge

View from Little Round Top

North Carolina monument

Pennsylvania monument

Tennessee monument

Virgina monument with
General Lee atop Traveller

Gettysburg College

Tree cutting party at Michelle's house


Rich & Michelle


Taking a break


Woodstock Festival site

Bethel Woods
Center for the Arts

Woodstock Festival

Stage area

View from top of the
hill to the stage

View from the stage
out to the audience area

BBQ at Michelle's house

Cousins Michelle & Curt

Diane and Peggy

Chef  Charlie

Mike & Lisa Emond
Olivia, Isabella, Ava

Charlene Long & Family

Friends we met or visited along the way

Joe & Olive Donolli
(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

Tom & Mary Williams
(Fulltime RVers)

Diane with
sister Marge
niece Michelle
(Poughkeepsie, New York)

Rich with former colleagues
Ann Yu (Hartford, Connecticut)
Tony Bennet ( Brewster, New York)
Sue Sinclair (Danbury, Connecticut)
Mary Ann Laudano (Somers, New York)

Al Hechler
(Poughkeepsie, New York)

Dave Meck
(Poughkeepsie, New York)

Barbara & Tom McInerney
(Ulster Park, New York)

Kay & Dick Ackerman
(Fulltime RVers)

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