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Council Bluffs, Iowa & Omaha, Nebraska

"He ain't heavy Father,

he's my brother."


The first five boys to

live in Boys Town


Spencer Tracy and

Mickey Rooney in the movie

Boys Town

SAC Museum in Omaha







As close as I ever want to

come to a hydrogen bomb


A nice September Iowa sunset


Douglasville, Georgia - Ashley's first birthday

Jill, April,Ashley



Richard and Raven


 Oooh, look at that

Can I go in there?


     Crystal River, Florida

Sue Grove and Diane


Diane and Jim Grove


Rich with Crystal River

Nuclear Plant in background

Friendly manatee



Jim swimming with the manatee

River cleaner


Open wide

 Take this sign seriously!

Sue and Dennis Gomas

Sunset in the Gulf of Mexico


Rich's birthday in Orlando, Florida

Hawk, Frank & Joanne Caldarola,

Patty Hamond, Linda Payne, Diane,

Rich, Jim Hammond (l-r)

A surprise birthday cake




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