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Scenes from the Road to St. Anthony

Going North

(the Payne's motorhome)









We had to dodge lots

of bicyclists along the way



Going South

(the Emond's motorhome)

Scenes from the St. Anthony area

Some of the moose we saw



Boathouse at Norstead

Vikings were Christians






A Viking and his woman

(Diane and Rich)

The right way to throw an axe

Diane's turn

Then Linda's

Lousy form Rich, but the axe stuck

The Viking Feast

The Great Viking

Dining Hall

Awaiting dinner

(Linda, Diane, Rich)

The appetizers -

capelin and cod tongues

Diane just loves that capelin


Norm, the accused

making his defense

Linda, the accuser


The witnesses -

Diane, Ray, Earline

The punishment -

kiss that salmon head


     Getting Screeched in

First step - eat the capelin

Second step - kiss the cod

C'mon Diane, gimme a kiss


What fun






You want me to what?



Here's to the lips

Here's to the gums

Watch out tummy, here it comes

Last step - doing the jig


Gee Norm, I didn't know

you could dance

Go Norm!


We are all now honorary





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