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Crystal River, Florida

Linda, Dennis, Diane


Norm, Dennis, Rich


The Gals

(Gloria, Linda, Gale, Diane)

Leesburg, Florida (visit with JW and Vassie)

The boat


Vassie and Diane

The River



Docking for dinner

Rich, Diane, Vassie, JW


     Tampa RV Show

Travel Supreme motorhome

with a garage

Watch these jumpers






Columbia Restaurant in

Ybor City

Enjoying the company



Visit with Hawk & Huck at River Ranch

Smile Huck

Oh well

John, Libby, Diane



Hawk, Huck and the gals

(Libby, Diane, Linda)

Hawk, Huck and the guys

(John, Rich, Norm)


 BYOF (food) party with the Veachs at the Big O in Okeechobee

Advanced Satellite Internet's

John Veach

Libby and John


Smells great Stan


Cecile, Betty, Stan


Linda and Diane

Pappy and Norm

Dinner at sunset at the Big O



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