Frank and Yoyogi Park PHOTOS

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A meeting of two old high school friends in Tokyo

Rich & Frank

Frank and son Brian

Rich, Frank, Brian, Diane

Merle, Linda, Art

A day in the park

A beautiful park in Tokyo

Diane & Rich

Frank & Rich

ACTION! - Rich and his
ever present video camera

Scenes from Kamakura 

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

62 steps

On the street in Kamakura



Scenes from Yoyogi Park

Harajuku Station

Entrance to Yoyogi Park

A Sunday afternoon ritual

Rich videoing Diane dancing with
the teeny boppers as the "old guy"
took her photo while Frank (on the right)
 enjoyed the scene

Scenes from Meiji-Jingu Shrine

The torii at the entrance

A traditional Japanese wedding


Rich accepting farewells from
Okano-san and the Hotel New Otani

This turned out to be our
very last meal in Japan
(Merle, Tad, Teruko, Frank
Matsuko, Diane, Linda)

Teruko did a great job
showing us how to prepare
the monnjya

Preparing the dessert

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